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The amount of negative ions in the air of the cleanroom

: The amount of negative ions in the air of the cleanroom

Generally, ions in the air are divided into three categories: small ions, medium ions and large ions.Small ions are complexes composed of 3-12 molecules with basic charges; medium ions are complexes composed of about 100-1000 molecules, generally deposited on microparticles; large ions are composed of 106 molecules aggregated together the condensed nucleus.

Effects of negative ions in the air on the human body

In fact, negative ions are negatively charged molecules in the air, and negative oxygen ions are negatively charged oxygen molecules. produced by air ionization. In nature, there are many negative ions in the air of forests, waterfalls, and seaside. There is a tourist attraction in some city that is famous for its negative ions. The content of negative ions in the air is as high as 200,000-300,000/cm3.

Practice has proved that the negative ions in the air have certain physiological effects on the human body, which are manifested in: lowering blood pressure, inhibiting asthma, calming nerves, eliminating fatigue, enhancing the body’s immunity and antibacterial ability, making people feel refreshed and working efficiently. Experiments have shown that when the negative ions in the air come into contact with the respiratory organs, charge migration occurs and stimulates the organs. The lighter the ions, the stronger the activity, and the more obvious the stimulation to the organs. The result of this biological stimulation will provide the content of free oxygen in the human blood, which will increase the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled and oxygen inhaled by the human body, which means that it has certain benefits for the human body.

The air in the clean room is filtered by pre, medium and high efficiency filters, so the negative ions content in the clean room air is almost zero. It is also one reason why people feel uncomfortable in cleanrooms.

Therefore, negative ions are not only needed in daily life, but also in clean rooms.