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History of Clean Room Technology

Rooted in the control of infections in hospitals.

Clean rooms for industrial manufacturing started during the second world war

An attempt to improve the quality and reliablility of instrumentation used in guns, tanks and aircraft.

Industrial Clean Room


Cleanroom technoloty of paramount important to create and ideal semiconducting material and chemical purity. Any small imperfection can have a drastic effect on how the semiconducting material behaves due to the scale at which the materials are used.
This industry drives the state-of-the art clean room design, and this industry accounts for a significant number of all operating clean rooms.


Cleanroom is an integral part of the manufacturing process required to produce sterile drug products, vaccines and bio-medical devices. Clean rooms control living particles that would produce undesirable bacterial growth in the preparation of biological, pharmaceutical, and other medical products as well as in genetic engineering research.

Miscellaneous Applications

Other uses include advanced materials research, laser and optic industries, microelectronices facility, paint room and some aseptic foods production. While hospital operating rooms can be considered clean spaces, their concern is to control types of contamination rather than the quantity of particles present.

External Sources of Contamination

Primarily through the air conditioning system

Infiltrate through building doors, windows, cracks

Controlled primarily by 1. High efficiency filtration 2. Space pressuriation 3.Sealing of space penetrations

Internal Sources of Contamination

Largest source is from people

Shedding of surfaces, process equipment and the process itself

Controlled primarilly by 1. Airflow design 2. Careful selection of materials & equipment 3. Personal garments