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China Cleanroom Panels – HPL panel

High Pressure Laminate Sandwich Panel


Dust-free, anti-static, anti-bacterial and strong enough to enable people to walk on.
High inpact and bending resistance, tensile strength and resistance to mechanical damage
Abrasion resistance
Double-skin HPL plates can be customized on the color and pattern
Two panels connected by profiled aluminum alloy to ensure fast and convenient installation.
Industrial gules are applied manually between double skin plates and core material to ensure more adhesive capability than machine-made sandwich panels, extending the service life of the panels.
Modular installation to largely cut down on construction period.

Multi-choice outer skins for wall & ceiling panel:

1.Powder coated galvanized steel sheet.

2.Powder coated aluminum alloy sheet.

3.Stainless steel sheet(wire-drawing/mirror finish)

4.Melamine high pressure laminated (HPL)

sheet Specification: General Performance Wall Thickness 50mm,60mm,75mm,100mm Regular Width 1160mm,1180mm,900mm, Non-standard(customized) Max Height 8000mm,Non-standard(customized) Main Material Panel Material PE,Anti-static,PVDF,Salinization, Stainl…

Main Application: Pharmaceutical clean room, electronic clean room, hospital operating room, food processing clean room, office partition,etc

Features: 1.Fire resistance performance of face HPL sheet: class B-s2, d0 according to EN13501-1:2001; 2.Fire resistance performance of internal honeycomb or rock wool insulation: class A1 of fire resistance according to EN13823.

Outer skin material: Melamine high pressure laminated (HPL) sheet.