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About Rv-Cleanroom

RV-Cleanroom System Co. Ltd. is a leading provider and manufacturer of cleanroom products and cleanroom design solutions in China. RV Cleanroom was established in 1999, to focus on the complex requirements of the cleanroom market. 

With our specialized cleanroom solutions for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electrical assembly, food and beverage, automotive, cosmetics and laboratory etc. we deliver on our commitments and promises, always working with our clients to build long-term partnerships and being the company that they can trust.

What We Do Best

Being committed to understanding and satisfying customer needs by working in close co-operation with specifies and ensuring a long-term relationship with our clients.

RV Cleanroom are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality cleanroom products. These high quality products sell on their aesthetic appeal as well as their functional performance.

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Our philosophy is to ensure RV Cleanroom by keeping it simple: write concise quality systems and validation protocols that tell your team what to do to ensure that your instructions are followed correctly.

Our knowledgeable design, engineering, and technical staff are always ready to answer any questions or inquiries our customers may have. For more information about RV-Cleanroom, contact today!