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Our Clean Room Services & Capabilities

RVCS provides not only high quality products and design, but more circumspect and humanized services to our customers. In order to make every customer can feel RVCS’s fault-free working attitude and heart to heart service with position-transposition concept in each service step, which from the beginning of clean room consultation to after-sale service.

Construction site in the process of quality testing and purification products in comprehensive testing before leave factory, is our quality guarantee to meet the construction and design requirements for the clean room product of the technical indicators.

Quality Standards

Our commitment is not complete until we furnish detailed, compliant documentation on the conditions existing in your cleanroom facility.  Our Certification Reports are meticulously prepared and efficiently organized, to give you easy access to the information you need for evaluation and assessment of your cleanroom facility operational parameters.With each report, you are assured of our strict quality standards, attention to detail and accurate cleanroom performance evaluation documentation.

Cleanroom Project

dust free environment

Those who require dust free environment, such as Electronics, Semi-Conductor, Micro-Mechanics, Optic.
Cleanroom Project

micro be free environments

Those who require micro be free environments, such as Bio Tech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices,Food & Drink, Healthcare, Injection Moulding.
laboratory clean rooms

secondary markets

The secondary markets are in School Labs, Polyester Powder Coating