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New year, New cleanroom

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As news of new cleanroom projects come out, more and more are starting to state the use of 3D modelling, VR facility tours, AI, and digital twins as key parts of the design phase. 2022 may show if this trend is here to stay.

The new finalised EU GMP Annex 1 publication will most certainly cause a lot of cleanroom service providers to have to adjust their business and protocols. From environmental monitoring systems providers to disinfectant and containment specialists, the sterile medicinal products will have a busy time of it when the document is out in the world.With the new Annex 1 fundamentally changing many things at the same time as innovation is accelerating, 2022 is bound to be a very interesting year for the controlled environment sector.

For the cultivation, a cleanroom envelope with an advanced HVAC system is creating a controlled environment with the optimum growing conditions for the production of the desired crop planting. Cultivation areas are linked to areas for processes such as the drying and processing of the plant material.”

This is a massive opportunity for growth in the controlled environment sector and gaining experience in how to apply the regulations to this product is invaluable.